Schedules and No schedules


If you are wondering if I was able to tackle last week’s schedule…the answer would be no. I was able to do everything except incorporate exercise into my schedule. I tried this week as well but seeing as it’s already Thursday and still no exercise then it’s almost safe to say I failed this week as well. Papa bear has been working late so he doesn’t come home till 10 sometimes 11 at night. Since he has such a long schedule I’ve been cooking dinner each night so we both have something packed for the next day.

I have a paper due for my Monday class so I’ll be working on that this weekend. I also have a few last minute items I need to pick up for our trip. I can’t wait. It is definitely long overdue and I so need this nice little break in my life.

In terms of exercise I’m still at 126lbs. I hope I can somehow drop another 2lbs before we leave.  


Hope everyone else is having a great day!


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  1. Hey, it is still a win – look at all the other stuff you tackled on your list!!! I am impressed.

    You can definately do 2 pounds. I have faith! No Five Guys ’til you come back from your trip!!!

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