Getting Organized


I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately. With school starting, not having my car for almost two weeks, I am really starting to lose my marbles. I need to get organized and fast. I leave for vacation in 3 weeks meaning I need to drop weight and fast. I also have two exams right after I come back from vacation. So I would like to follow some sort of schedule. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that I adore schedules…I love structure and knowing what I will be doing next. So for the next three weeks almost everything in my life will be scheduled in. Here is what I came up with for this week.

Monday: Work, School (that pretty much covers all day 9-9)

Tuesday: Work, Mall (Papa bear will be getting his bday gift early, he’s been patiently waiting for his ipad)

Wednesday: Early morning walk, Work, Cook dinner, Schoolwork

Thursday: Work, Zumba class

Friday: Work, ????

Saturday: Early morning walk, Laundry, Secret shopper – California Pizza Kitchen,

Sunday: Class, Cleaning, Relaxation, School work

Let’s see how I do with this.  I just really need to incorporate some sort of exercise. I hope this works out…


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