Big News!


Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Holidays!

 Happy New Year!

 Wheewwwww it has been a while and yes a lot of things have happened. The two biggest are I turned 30 (eeeeeek) and I got engaged (yayyyyy). My fiancé (that is still so weird to say)  proposed on Christmas Eve. He actually asked/told my parents the week before and left the ring with them. I should have known but me being me completely missed all the hints. My mom gathered everyone around and by everyone I mean my mom, dad, 3 aunts, 2 uncles and 2 little doggies to open gifts. We were passing around gifts and he gave me a bag that said _____ Jewelry store. When I saw this I said “I don’t want to open this”. When I finally did I open the little box and say oh it’s a ring. I turned so red and got extremely embarrassed. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was perfect! I started to cry and couldn’t control my tears so I had to bury my face on his chest. Unfortunately my dad caught this all on video….very embarrassing.  It has been a little overwhelming for the both of us. But I am so excited for what’s to come. I hope I don’t turn into a bridezilla because like many other women I have dreamed about this day since I was a little girl and I would love for every single detail to be perfect.

 Here is to a wonderful 2012!

Happy Birthday Cailyn!


My goddaughter turned 2 when I was away in Jamaica but her birthday party was last night. It’s always lots of fun to see my family since I don’t get to see them that often.

Saturday morning I woke up and it was snowing. The weather was pretty bad all day. So besides going out to the movies we were home all day Saturday. We saw paranormal activity 3 which I’m not sure why I was dying to see that since pretty much anything scares the crap outta me. Sunday was more running around for me. Went to my class in the morning then went to some stores to look for a cute birthday present. Then it was off to the party. Overall a good weekend.

Hope everyone has a good week!!!


Birthday Girl!!!!


Of course a hello kitty cake!

Jamaica Pictures



I got a lot of jokes from wearing that shirt…but it was all love.


Practically had to beg him to take a picture!


Negril Shopping



Cliff Diving. These guys were nuts!

Ziplining so much fun!



The last night there 😦

Check out the pretty rainbow


I can’t wait to go back to Jamaica. I loved every minute of my vacation!

Jamaica vacation fabulous!


Jamaica was absolutely fabulous. The people were so friendly and the land was so beautiful. We stayed at the Grand Palladium and loved every minute of it. I wasn’t expecting to love Jamaica as much as I did but I literally loved every minute of it…wait…there was one day where I was just in a bad mood and not having fun. But that was it one day…nothing went wrong and there were no fights it really was just a great vacation. We did three activities while we were there: Duns River falls, Negril shopping and zip lining. My favorite was zip lining…besides getting eaten alive by the mosquitos. The views were simply breathtaking! I haven’t finished uploading my pictures but here is a sneak preview.


Weekend Things


I had a nice weekend. I got a lot done. Saturday I did a lot of running around to buy stuff before our vacation. But we started the day right and had a lovely breakfast at  Papa bear had the raspberry stuffed French toast with a side of ham. I had two eggs with sausage which I shared with Papa bear and I was still stuffed in the end. I wish I had taken a picture of our meals definitely need to remember that for next time. My plate was served in a skillet which I thought was pretty neat. I was eyeing everyone else’s dish and everything just looked so good. The place is super small and they were serving lots of people but despite that the service was very good.  Afterwards we went to the mall and tell me why is it when you are looking for something you can never find it…I was looking for some cheap sunglasses but I went to a bunch of stores and either they didn’t have any or the selection was ehhhh. Papa bear was looking for polo shirts but he didn’t want spend 90 bucks on them so he also ended up not getting what he was looking for.  So after a long day of shopping we bought some pho from I was disappointed because I wanted to try a Vietnamese sandwich and they didn’t have that there. But other than that pho was delicious!

I had school on Sunday and then I had to write a paper so I’ll leave you with this picture of my school work.

Schedules and No schedules


If you are wondering if I was able to tackle last week’s schedule…the answer would be no. I was able to do everything except incorporate exercise into my schedule. I tried this week as well but seeing as it’s already Thursday and still no exercise then it’s almost safe to say I failed this week as well. Papa bear has been working late so he doesn’t come home till 10 sometimes 11 at night. Since he has such a long schedule I’ve been cooking dinner each night so we both have something packed for the next day.

I have a paper due for my Monday class so I’ll be working on that this weekend. I also have a few last minute items I need to pick up for our trip. I can’t wait. It is definitely long overdue and I so need this nice little break in my life.

In terms of exercise I’m still at 126lbs. I hope I can somehow drop another 2lbs before we leave.  


Hope everyone else is having a great day!

Getting Organized


I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately. With school starting, not having my car for almost two weeks, I am really starting to lose my marbles. I need to get organized and fast. I leave for vacation in 3 weeks meaning I need to drop weight and fast. I also have two exams right after I come back from vacation. So I would like to follow some sort of schedule. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that I adore schedules…I love structure and knowing what I will be doing next. So for the next three weeks almost everything in my life will be scheduled in. Here is what I came up with for this week.

Monday: Work, School (that pretty much covers all day 9-9)

Tuesday: Work, Mall (Papa bear will be getting his bday gift early, he’s been patiently waiting for his ipad)

Wednesday: Early morning walk, Work, Cook dinner, Schoolwork

Thursday: Work, Zumba class

Friday: Work, ????

Saturday: Early morning walk, Laundry, Secret shopper – California Pizza Kitchen,

Sunday: Class, Cleaning, Relaxation, School work

Let’s see how I do with this.  I just really need to incorporate some sort of exercise. I hope this works out…

It’s the little things..




I had the most disgusting chicken cutlet sandwich for lunch. So much so that it left me feeling sick. I complained to Papa bear about it… actually all I said was I wasn’t feeling well. An hour later I get a mystery visitor at the door.  Who’s standing at the door??? Papa bear with my favorite drink in the world a Taro milk tea with tapioca.

Thank you papa bear!!!



Are their rules to dating? Are their certain timelines you need to follow? What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. We spend a good part of our lives searching for the right person. Someone who will be your other half…someone who will complete you…I don’t believe there are any rules or timelines one needs to follow. I think if you follow your heart and don’t be foolish then everything else will fall into place.

A lot of times things don’t happen the way we expect. And just because things don’t turn out the way that you wanted doesn’t mean that they won’t ever will. I have learned that everything happens for a reason. And now I finally see that everything is falling into place.

Before I met papa bear I was single for 3 years. Before that I was in a relationship for 5 years. And yes I loved that person the time that we were together. But the whole time that we were together I never thought or spoke about marriage with him. From the age of nineteen to twenty four I was in a committed relationship. We were constantly asked when we were getting married. We both never answered and that didn’t bother me at all. I couldn’t see myself spending the rest of my life with him but at the same time I stayed with him all the time. After we broke up I think I cried that first night but then after that I didn’t shed another tear. I knew it was time for me to move on and find my own way in life. I dated a few guys. Some I had no interest in and some I did but never worked out. I met papa bear out of nowhere and I think this was the first time in my life where I didn’t expect anything. For once everything worked out…Two months after we met we officially became boyfriend/girlfriend. Four months after that I moved into his apartment. A little over a year after that we moved into another apartment together. Now after two years of being together…I can’t picture my life with anyone else. Of course I would love more things to happen with him but I don’t mind patiently waiting till the time for that comes. And I know that it will…